Board of Directors

Ivan Stein, Project TriStar Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board: Ivan W. Stein

Ivan Stein is a successful entrepreneur, writer, and speaker whose motivations have evolved through the fields of science and engineering to those of personal transformation and global sustainability.

Recognized as a self-starter and natural leader, Ivan started his first business at the age of eighteen with his business career encompassing direct management roles in twelve startup companies. His ability to communicate and articulate his message has enabled Ivan to expand his management roles to include: writing business plans, investment banking, raising venture capital, and founding several businesses.

Ivan achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut in 1984. His 25 years in the field of technology includes designing integrated circuits for aerospace, cutting edge optoelectronic devices; computer operated industrial printers, and computer consulting. Ivan is known as an innovator and inventor with patents in the field of optoelectronics and pre-natal education devices. Besides a long and successful career in business, Ivan has built two homes and has owned and managed commercial property.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors and creativity in business, Ivan is a prolific writer, lecturer, and motivator.  His devotion to helping others is evident through his self-help and personal transformation videos, personal life coach consultations, lectures, and through his radio, television, and documentary interviews.  He is founder of several organizations on raising global awareness and is responsible for writing hundreds of pages of content for the organization websites.

Ivan started on the road to responsibility while growing up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin.  His daily duties on the farm allowed him to develop a keen understanding of animal husbandry and crop production.  Life in the small town rural environment also instilled a sense of cooperation and community which has served Ivan throughout his business and personal life.

Between 2007 and 2008, Ivan liquidated his real estate holdings and business interests in order to devote his full attention to his latest endeavors as founder of Timeline To The Future, Project TriStar, and Alkaline for Optimal Health; organizations created to help humanity transition through these times of conscious, physical, and economic transformation.


Maxine Cumberland, board member of Project TriStar

Board Member: Maxine Cumberland

Maxine brings to the Board her extensive experience in Corporate Administration where her chosen career path has taken her through three of Australia’s large manufacturing companies;  ICI/Orica, James Hardie, and OneSteel. Her experience  encompasses senior administration, financial management, internal and external communications, purchasing, cost control, office management, event management, organizational effectiveness and safety.  Throughout her career, Maxine continued to expand her skills with numerous training programs including: Commercial and Office Administration, Fire & Safety Emergency Control, Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, Time management and Communication skills.

Prior to Maxine’s corporate career, she was involved in the Banking Industry where a taste for investment and finance resulted in the creation of a personal portfolio that included five income properties and a Managed Funds Portfolio.

In 1998, Maxine had the opportunity to be involved in overseas humanitarian work in the Solomon Islands where she helped the people of Munda to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.  This experience ultimately led her to become a founding member of the Project TriStar Community which exemplifies many of the humanitarian and health issues that Maxine is committed to pursuing.  As a member of the Project TriStar Board of Directors, Maxine brings her wealth of financial background and management skills along with her passion for creating long-term sustainability.