Health Services

The Project TriStar community and initiative are founded on the health and well being of its members and an understanding that achieving sustainability on a personal level is essential to achieving sustainability for the entire community.

In our modern society, the term "health care" is a literal contradiction as the medical establishment has little or no understanding of how to assist people in taking care of their health. Many people have also come to realize that a person's total health picture is affected by a combination of many factors including: the food we eat, environmental exposures, work environment, stress, and even our individual lifestyles.

There is no need to dwell on the fact that most modern day medical treatments are devoted to addressing the symptom rather than the cure. It's also common for people to be more concerned with eliminating pain rather than taking the actions necessary to heal their ailment. To Project TriStar, such medical practices and personal choices are contrary to conscious responsibility and human existence on any level.

To Project TriStar, the elimination of pain is best achieved through proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices, and by applying methods that affect natural healing. The Project TriStar community has been planned to achieve these goals by being more conscious of our actions and choices. This plan includes a three step program of maintaining optimal health in the form of a nurturing diet and lifestyle; preventative maintenance in the form of exercise for the mind, body, and spirit; and a naturopathy or holistic approach to treatment from illness and restorative therapies.

Project TriStar also understands the importance of utilizing naturopathy approaches to wellness, however, feels it is prudent to be prepared for the possibility and potential for unexpected illness or injury. After all, accidents can happen and it would be unconscionable not to be prepared for such events. In order to accomplish these goals, Project TriStar has established the Health Services Committee to coordinate all medical and dental needs for the community.

The Health Services Committee combines the philosophies of mind-body-spirit, holistic, alternative, and medical practices as needed. The community maintains the ability to handle emergency medical needs, however, all treatments are still based on holistic and naturopathy practices.

Project TriStar understands that the community approach to achieving and maintaining good health will eventually render many standard medical and dental services unnecessary and obsolete yet it is prudent to have access to some of these services until it is certain they are no longer needed. As such, there may be a period within the community where both traditional and alternative methods are used simultaneously while the health of members improves and evolves with the diet and lifestyle changes.

The Health Services Committee is responsible for all procedures and policies for both foreseen and unforeseen health related risks and needs of the community and for management of the health services facilities. These services include: prenatal, infant birth, postnatal, pediatrics, dental, diagnostics, treatment, emergency, surgery, restorative therapy, intensive care, hospice, laboratory, and hazardous materials.

The Project TriStar community includes a Health Services Department which is responsible for diagnosis, treatment, and care of any medical or health related issue. Much like any other medical facility, the Health Services Department is centrally located within the community and divided into areas of specialty. In this way, all medical and health related issues can be addressed from one location and patients can be moved directly from diagnosis to treatment without leaving the department.

Each area of health specialty has their own treatment area and equipment for handling multiple patients simultaneously if necessary. There are common areas for check-in, patient recovery, and a medical testing laboratory. As with everything else in the community, the Health Services Department is designed for minimal use of electricity and manual electrical generation as a backup to any critical electronic equipment.

Other functions of the Health Services Department include analysis, testing, and creation of homeopathic remedies, cleaning or disinfecting solutions, and products for the nutritional well being of the community members. This also includes monitoring and adjusting the dietary needs for the entire community and working closely with the food production department to ensure there is an adequate balance of vitamins and minerals in foods that are grown and harvested for community consumption.

Pre-diagnosed Medical Conditions:

The community defines optimal physical health as a pain free physically nurtured existence in optimal nutrition, and without the use of constant medications to eliminate or reduce the side effects of chronic issues.

A major part of the Project TriStar plan is the elimination of all medications, medical treatment apparatus, and methods that can not be maintained in an off-the-grid environment. Basically this means that if the community can not reproduce it in a naturopathy way, then it has no place in the community. As such, members are not allowed to bring any prescription or over the counter medications into the community.

Those members who have medically diagnosed conditions or are currently on prescription medications need to notify the Project TriStar Membership Committee as soon as possible. The Membership Committee will discuss the condition with the member and provide information on possible alternative methods for healing and management of the condition that do not rely on prescription drugs. Before relocation to the remote community, each member must undergo a complete health evaluation by a qualified Project TriStar medical examiner. This will ensure that no one brings an active infectious disease into the community, as well as to determine if there are any unknown issues of a member that might affect diet and nutrition.

Although this approach can be supplemented with first hand assistance when the member enters the orientation program, it should be obvious and prudent that a member takes the necessary steps to eliminate their dependency on prescription medical treatments prior to entering orientation. It is not the responsibility of Project TriStar to find a solution to any medical prescription or treatment being utilized by a community member. This is the sole responsibility of the member and should be considered prior to completing the member application form.

Besides a healthy raw vegan diet and regular physical activity, physical healing begins with an understanding of the mind-body-spirit relationship. This means the Project TriStar community promotes health of the physical body from the inside out and has determined that ingestion and exposure to some substances are contrary to these goals.

As such, the community is alcohol, tobacco, and drug free. This community is based on principles of optimal health for the mind, body, and soul. Only medicinal products of a naturopathic and holistic nature are allowed. Any and all substances a member uses to maintain their health and are desired are desired to be brought into the community must be approved by the Health Services Committee. Absolutely no hallucinogenic substances are allowed for social and/or spiritual uses even if they are considered naturopathic in nature.