The Project TriStar community is founded on the principle of being consciously responsible in every action, a principle that applies equally to the individual member and to the community as a whole.

The Project TriStar community is not based on any spiritual or religious denomination and membership does not require any specific spiritual teachings, training, or background. The community is not an ashram, temple, or monastery, but simply a group of people who share a common understanding of universal and natural laws. The most basic of these laws being the Law of Cause and Effect, also known as the Law of Manifestation.

We've all heard the saying "You are what you eat" and that couldn't be more true for the health and well being of the physical body. Every cell in the body is built from what we eat and the health of every cell determines the health of the entire body. This is just one example of how the Law of Cause and Effect can be realized in our physical actions.

Other sayings with equal validity include: "You are what you think" and "You become what you are exposed to". In the broadest understanding, the Law of Cause and Effect literally means the universe responds to every thought, word, and action. Why? The simplest explanation might be this quote from Einstein, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another".

In other words, energy is expended with every thought, word, and action and that energy expense (the cause) becomes the catalyst for a chain reaction that eventually results in another action (the effect). Examples of this understanding can be witnessed everywhere you look in nature, society, and on a personal level, and is one concept that holds true in both the realm of science and the realm of spirit.

Project TriStar understands that every action (the cause) by every member of the community has a consequence (the effect). As such, the most important spiritual understanding between every member of the community is that of taking full conscious responsibility. What does this mean? It means that any thoughts, words, and actions of the individual are their personal responsibility. Whether these be conscious, subconscious, or unconscious, only the individual has control over their own thoughts, words, and actions.

The Law of Cause and Effect also implies that, on some level, we are all responsible for every event in our lives and have attracted those events for a specific reason. Ultimately, this reason is always the same... To learn something about ourselves. This is also the foundation for the understanding of experiential learning as outlined in the Project TriStar Education Methodology.

Members of the Project TriStar community understand that their every actions affect more than just themselves. They affect those people around them, their family, friends, and in some way, the entire community and global consciousness. This is the single most fundamental reason why the community is founded on the principles of mutual respect, personal responsibility, and eternal conscious growth and evolution.

As long as everyone is working on their own issues, the entire community benefits and grows. Yes, people make mistakes and those mistakes can affect others, but Project TriStar also understands that every mistake is an opportunity to grow and heal. This is where personal responsibility becomes part of every minute of every day.

In each and every waking moment, a person is thinking, speaking, or taking action. There are any number of ways to determine if these are coming from a supportive, compassionate, and loving perspective. Some members may already have the tools and ability to perform their own internal self-evaluation, but for those who don't, the community offers individual and group activities that can help a member realize and understand their actions on a higher level.

It's the responsibility of the individual member to take action to resolve their own issues in order to enhance their understanding of themselves and to continue working on the healing and balance of their mind, body, and spirit. For most people throughout humanity and society, this process often means addressing our personal issues with ego, greed, self-importance, and self-serving interest.

For some, the personal growth and healing process means a constant internal self-evaluation with every action. For others, this may mean a daily review and self-evaluation through the assistance of other community members. The specific techniques that a member utilizes in their personal healing and growth is individual and must be figured out and developed by the member or with the support of other community members. The only thing that is important is that each member take personal responsibility for this process and make a commitment to themselves and the entire community to do the best they can towards their own growth and healing.

If members have thoughts, words, or actions that are not supportive, compassionate, and loving, then it's the responsibility of the member to work through the obstacles or issues that created these potentials. This is why it's important to have a common understanding or a baseline of what behavior and actions are considered acceptable within the community.

Project TriStar also understands this is a process that is eternal to existence whether that existence is considered to be one lifetime, multiple lifetimes, or infinity. The goal of the community and it's members is to be conscious of every thought and action and to proactively participate in their own conscious healing, development, and evolution.

As such, the community places emphasis on continued spiritual evolution within the community and its members. To support this evolution, members are able to participate in a variety of group and individual practices including: energy work, conscious co-creation, meditation, chant, yoga, music, and dance. This includes individual and group counseling, lectures, and guided practices that have proven to be successful at accelerating the individual healing process.

A variety of spiritual activities are made available for members to attend at their convenience. Members are encouraged to participate in both group and individual practices in order to take advantage of the greatest opportunities to accelerate their person healing and growth.

The Project TriStar community is about the health and sustainability of the mind, body, and spirit and as such is devoted to helping its members achieve the highest levels of consciously awakened states. We only ask that each member be willing to release any blocks and open up to their full potential. The Project TriStar community has been designed to help both the individual and community achieve their greatest good and highest potential, while shedding those belief systems that have failed and don’t serve humanity or personal growth.

The world as we know it of material consumption, society driven self-isolation, co-dependency, and myopic individual goals and ambitions is coming to an end. This is no longer a time of “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours”. The Project TriStar community has entered the realm of dissociation with the need for possession. The period of conscious acceleration and co-creation is upon us, and it’s now time to combine our consciousness and resources in order to co-create and manifest the world we choose to live in and that which we choose to leave as our legacy.

The Project TriStar community is taking the concept of sustainable lifestyle to a level of understanding and implementation that is harmonic with humanity, Earth, and the universe. If there is a common goal of the Project TriStar community, that goal is to nurture the concepts of humanity and evolve consciousness.